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Oilfield Services


Choctaw Services is a full-service company supporting the oil patch with well service units, reverse units, oustabout truck and backhoes. In every job, you know Choctaw by our signature.

Experience - Tap into our expertise. Our operations manager has 30 years in the patch and 5-plus years as a completion consultant. Every day, our staff meets the challenges of downhole work. We can assist you on deep wells or shallow high pressure or low.
Equipment - Our equipment is new, or refurbished to our specifications during the past two years.
Communication- Our rigs carry their own computer and digital video camera link-ups. We connect the well location to your office computer or fax, instantly.
Commitment - Our insurance policy and safety-trained staff covers your job, start to finish

The pros at Choctaw Services stand ready to tackle your next job, large or small. Call us. Two officies and yards- Hobb, NM and Midland, TX